Road to Zero

Transport Accident Commission - Road to Zero experience at the Melbourne Museum.


This exhibition - designed to be engaging, relevant and informative to school kids and adults for the next ten years - is actually a combination of 13 different projects. From a 3D mapped car projection to a virtual reality car journey through time, to video storytelling and interactive displays and a glass elevator designed to demonstrate collisions at different speeds, this was a project that combined many different messages, tools & audiences. And underpinning all of the amazing creative & technology our own multi-skilled team worked on, we had to work closely with road engineers, behavioural scientists, teachers, students, educational experts and researchers.

Design of the Automated build and delivery for the eletron based apps.
Electron applications with Pixi + Redux.

Grumpy Sailor, Downstream, Taboo, Deeper Richer, Enthral