Ghosts, Toast and the Things Unsaid

an experiment in Digital Theatre Peformance


In collaboration with Google's Creative Lab, Sandpit's intimate performance features two ghosts (the audience) revisiting the kitchen(s) where they grew up, fell in love and refurbished, over 50 years. Audience of two will (digitally) tune into the inner thoughts of a couple at three stages of their life.

The result is a mix of live action (spoken on stage) and inner monologue (delivered through tiny speakers embedded in special costumes) which provokes the audience to meditate on our propensity to keep secrets, the words that go unheard, and what this means for our relationships.

For Ghosts, Toast, Grumpy Sailor was responsible for facilitating the original creative workshops and for delivering the technology that powered the experience


Google Creative Lab, Grumpy Sailor and Sandpit