Marcio is a developer fascinated by visual coding, social experiments and growth hacking. He's an enthusiast for never-been-done-before ideas and an advocate for simplistic solutions. With agile approach to solve problems and prove concepts.

Marcio's been working for the last 16 years together with art directors, designers, writers, programmers, filmmakers, producers and business thinkers on experimenting and exploring the possibilities with the current tools.

Coding is just like any other tool and a very powerful one. You need to spend time to familiarise yourself with it and eventually you'll be able to express your ideas through it.

Marcio enjoys the process of prototyping new concepts. The prototyping sessions tend to produce new modules and techniques that are easy to re-use and build on for future projects. It also shows how far simple idea can take you.

It’s all an experiment and there’s no failure in experiments. Experiments don’t fail, they just have results and you have to share those results. The only failure is if you don’t share what you’re learning as you go along.