Story Spheres

Up, down, and all around. With sound.


Story Spheres is a way to add stories to panoramic photographs. It’s a simple concept that combines the storytelling tools of words and pictures with a little digital magic. First upload a Photosphere, a 360-degree photo you can take on your phone using Google’s Photo App or similar program.

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  • Google App Engine
  • Python (django, webapp2)
  • User Authentication flow
  • NDB Datastore
  • Google Cloud Endpoints RESTful API
  • Google FullText search
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Cordova
  • Angular.js
  • Three.js
  • Web Audio API
  • Device Orientation API
  • Custom plugin Magnet Sensor plugin for Android provides access to the magnet sensor used on Google Cardboard
  • Custom plugin Rotation Vector Sensor plugin provides device's Rotation Vector Sensor using TYPE_GAME_ROTATION_VECTOR


Grumpy Sailor and Google Creative Lab

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